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TheStorAgeShop Inc.

Our focus is to give you a turnkey project with more than 30 years of experience behind us to inspire you with a full makeover of your space. 


TheStorAgeShop Inc.

Our focus is to give you a turnkey project with more than 30 years of experience behind us to inspire you with a full makeover of your space. 

Our vision and product innovation allows us to utilize living spaces and garages to their optimal use and transform the look to an aesthetically pleasing and organized room. Through our experience and creativity, we can customize the design and layout to suit the needs of the room/garage and the likes of the owner. 

  • Optimal Space saving

  • Extreme Organization

  • Easily interchangeable hooks and accessories

  • Excess StorAge Inc.™ Space

  • Easy cleaning

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Clear visibility to easily locate items

  • Warranty packages for our products

The Benefits

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  • We install vinyl flooring for the residential/commercial spaces.

  • Reno works available upon request.

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Customized  Features
  • EV Chargers
  • Power Washers

We offer the installation and maintenance of the pressure (power) wash stations at your garage. Please inquire for the details.

Garage Makeovers

When you have a dream of getting your garage space into the project of the next level- we are here for you to make it a reality! 

Possibilities are endless and are inspired by your lifestyle- it could be a party space, storage space, potential office or a gym.

Let our team inspire you to your garage makeover- drop us a line and we will be there for the in-person consultation.

Polyaspartic Flooring & Concrete Grinding

(Next Gen Epoxy)

Polyaspartic Coating

We are offering services in concrete floor coating and sealer called polyaspartic polyurea material.


Main features:

  • Can be applied at nearly any temperature

  • Bonds easily to nearly any concrete surface

  • Fast cure time to full strength 

  • Bridges small cracks due to flexibility in chemical non-toxic properties

  • Withstands high temperatures when cured, and has superior stain and UV resistance

  • Easily maintained and cleaned


For all the features to be part of the desired outcome, we offer solutions to concrete grinding and bonding to complement this material to its full potential and highly esthetic finished look.

Poly colors.png

No project is big or small for our team. We benchmark every component to the highest level of expectation.

We have successfully handled large commercial projects and are prepared for the challenges and expectations of this niche. 

We handle commercial scope under planned deadlines, customer attention and reassurance to our clientele that they will do their tasks with minimal disruption to the business operations while we complete paint works quickly and efficiently.

We use premium Benjamin Moore Scuff-X paint to sustain daily traffic in your space and complete and maintain the look of your newly renovated space (or garage).

A breakthrough, single- component, scuff-resistant latex formula that provides superior scuff resistance for high traffic areas.

It's not only that we paint inside residential and commercial properties, we also SELL PAINT

We are affiliated with the official Benjamin Moore paint dealer and are working directly with Living Yonge Design store

Our Packages


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